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18-19 Missed School Day Information
18-19 Missed School  Day Information
Over the winter, our district missed 3 days and had two late starts due to inclement weather. We also missed one day in September due to a threat on our school system. This equals 36 hours of missed educational time. The length of our school day is such that we are able to “bank” a little time in case of school closures. Because of this, we only need to make up 16 hours of educational time.
I am proposing that we go to school on Friday, May 10 (Junior Show Day) and extend the school year by one day, getting out of school on Thursday, June 13. Students who are involved in Junior Show activities may attend Junior Show activities with parent permission.
This recommendation requires Board approval so it will go before the board on Monday, April 8. I wanted to get this information out before Spring Break. If there are problems with your personal calendar and these changes, please see your building principal and/or supervisor.

Rob Clark
Milton-Freewater, OR
2018-2019 SCHOOL HOURS
2018-2019 SCHOOL HOURS
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