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Bikes for Good Attendance
Bikes for Good Attendance
These 3 bikes were donated by the wind technicians at Nextera Energy. Specifically from the Touchet branch. The technicians pooled their own money and purchased the bikes to donate to the school. We plan to use them as prizes for students that have good attendance.
At Home Learning Ideas
Advantage Dental at Central
Advantage Dental will be at Central Middle School on 3/17/2020. This service is FREE to all students. If you wish for your student NOT to participate in the dental screening please fill out the necessary document at the front office. Thank you.
Crystal Apple Nominations OPEN
Crystal Apple Nominations OPEN
Nominations for the 2020 Crystal Apple "Excellence in Education" Awards are now open. These annual awards recognize outstanding educators and school staff in eastern Oregon school districts.

Those eligible to be nominated are full-time or part-time employees who have worked in the district for one year. Crystal Apple Awards can be given to principals, assistant principals, teachers, paraeducators, office staff, maintenance staff and other district staff. They can be nominated by administrators, teachers, paraeducators, school staff, students, parents or community members.

Deadline for nominations is April 1, 2020.

Crystal Apple Nomination Form
Crystal Apple Information Page

Crystal Apple award winners will be honored in May.
Incoming 9th Grade Parent & Guardian Night
Incoming 9th Grade Parent & Guardian Night
For the Mac-Hi Class of 2024

M A R C H 1 8 , 2 0 2 0
6 : 0 0 P M - 7 : 3 0 P M
M A C - H I A U D I T O R I U M

There will be a short presentation in the auditorium, tours provided by students, club/athletic information and experience CTE electives!

Please come meet the staff at Mac-Hi!
2019-2020 SCHOOL HOURS
2019-2020 SCHOOL HOURS
Office Hours 7:30am to 4:00 pm M-F

Office: (541) 938-5504
Fax: (541) 938-6615
Noche de Orientacion Para Padres y Guardianes de Estudiantes de Noveno Grado
Noche de Orientacion Para Padres y Guardianes de Estudiantes de Noveno Grado
Para la clase Mac-Hi de 2024

1 8 D E M A R Z O D E 2 0 2 0
6 : 0 0 P M - 7 : 3 0 P M
A U D I T O R I O M A C - H I
Habrá una breve presentación en el auditorio,
visitas guidas por los estudiantes, información
del club / atlestismo y experiencia en cursos
electivos CTE. ¡Ven a conocer al personal de